Kontrol Z2 Software Problems. Does not properly connect to Traktor or recognize TTs
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    Default Kontrol Z2 Software Problems. Does not properly connect to Traktor or recognize TTs

    Hey there!

    I've been using a Z2 with a pair of turntables for about a year now on my Dell Latitude e6400 and it's been working great until I went to plug it in one day. I plugged it in and something happened and the software stopped recognizing the Z2. It knows something is plugged in because the audio and controller icons light up, but my effects knobs are greyed out and the calibration circles say "waiting..." under them, even when the turntables are spinning.

    I want to emphasize the fact that I have changed nothing since the last time I played flawlessly on my setup. Yes, all my cables are connected, yes I tried all USB ports, yes I downloaded newest 4.0 drivers. In addition to this, I also downloaded Traktor and plugged my Z2 into my separate desktop computer (for the first time, ever, no previous drivers installed, never been plugged in before) and I had the same problem. Exact same. The only thing that comes to mind as to being special that happened when the mixer stopped working is I was fiddling with the RCAs going out of the z2 and into my speakers because they're very broken and have to be placed just right to work on both channels. Perhaps a circuit shortage? That's kind of a stretch though, no exposed wiring was touching...

    The most obvious symptom I see is when I open the Traktor Control Panel (Preferences -> Audio Setup -> Settings), the box at the bottom shifts from green "Interface Connected" to red "No streaming possible. Please try to disconnect and reconnect the device or reboot your computer." every few seconds and then back. Over and over again. This didn't happen before and I think it's a problem.

    Called tech support and it basically got to the point where I wanted to send it in for an RMA, but my warranty has passed (didn't know it was only one year) - do you guys know of any third party vendors who fix Z2s?

    Any help would be appreciated. I have multiple gigs coming up and I'd also like to get some practice in. Thank you guys for your time.

    PS: Just registered for the NI forums since I saw some people posting help threads on there as well, but it's not allowing me to post citing permissions. Do I have to wait a certain time or...?

    Negative Symptoms
    • CTRL light at the top of Traktor lit up green the whole time
    • Turntable scopes say "waiting" under them and do not read phono input at all, even in the input section of the preferences
    • Control Panel switches between "Interface Connected" and "Nos streaming possible"
    • Effects knobs greyed out
    • Song doesn't play even when I switch to internal playback on the actual deck (as opposed to scratch control) and hit the play button (but the play button lights up green)

    Positive Symptoms
    • The whole mixer lights up just as it should when plugged in
    • The Dry/Wet knobs that aren't greyed out in the software turn when turning them on the mixer
    • Controller Editor reads all interactions of all buttons and faders

    *One more thing, in troubleshooting this today, when I went to unplug it from my laptop for the nth time, it crashed my laptop. I got a dmp file out and it says that the culprit is driver wdf01000.sys - I don't know how helpful that is but...

    *Also, this may be a computer specific issue, but when I plug it in, both my laptop and my computer tell me the device can perform faster in a 2.0 port for EVERY SINGLE port on the computer... Maybe that has something to do with it... I don't know.

    Thank you for reading this super long post, hope I don't have to pay $400! Take care.

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    Did you came to a solution?
    I am going throught the same problem with the audio card Kontrol 1.

    Please, let me know...

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