Let's improve Wikipedia's DJing articles
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    Default Let's improve Wikipedia's DJing articles

    I went to work on Mixxx's Wikipedia article yesterday and realized there weren't many good pages to link to about digital DJ technology. I ended up rewriting most of the DJ article and splitting its history section off to a new article. I added an actual introduction to the CDJ article, but that page could use a lot of work to cut out the overwhelming amount of unimportant details. I rewrote the DJ controller article too. All of these could use improvement by adding pictures and references. You can legally contribute pictures to Wikipedia by taking a picture of your own gear and uploading it. Pictures of CDJs, controllers, mixers, and laptops running DJ software would really help. The History of DJing, CDJ, and DJ controller articles could use work from people who really know the history of digital DJing well.

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    Nice suggestion!
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