Komplete A6 is it enought to connect with Allen & Heath
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    Default Komplete A6 is it enought to connect with Allen & Heath

    Ciao Deejays,

    My name is Marco, & I'm a new member to this Forum.

    I just purchased a Komplete A6, two Traktor Kontrol X1 & an Allen & Heath Xone 92.

    My question is: Is the Komplete A6 enough to connect Traktor and use all 4 channels of the Allen & Heath Xone 92?

    Attached a the photos.

    Can anyone let me know if this is good to use or not?

    Can anyone show me how to connect them all?

    Thank You, Marco


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    No mate, only 2 balanced outputs on The KA6 (its more of a production soundcard). If you bought a TA6 you would still only have 3 outputs, however you can combine outputs in traktor, to have a 3rd track deck + a remix or stem deck as well (my setup)
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    i have a friend who uses it and runs a 1/4 to dual rca adapters and runs 4 channels on his djm using traktor

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    Yeah outside of combining tracks internally with traktor, youre a couple outputs short. I think A8 or A10 is the req for a 92 mixer

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