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    Btw, I'm Matias from DJTT Support . Regarding the slicer, yeah I faced that same issue but the non looped slicer works better for me and there was only room for one.

    If you want to give the side buttons a bit more oomph then you can enable "Bank side buttons" in the MFU, this way they send unique messages per bank. You can keep the same use you have now but then on the other banks add buttons which mimic the Parameter onces on DDJ controllers so you can, for example, modify the size of slicer chops.

    Finally, if you need to have a button control 2 things (eg: the bank buttons switch pages in the UI for both decks) map one to the Note On and another to the Note Off.
    Ahh well i never knew Padi and Matais was one and the same,learnt more then only midi mapping this week , yes i went through your mapping and kind of figuered the 2 buttons to doing the same thing option. With the side buttons only thing i ran into was the cue buttons tends to act the same as play/pause.. could not get it to just cue...basically when i pressed the cue side bank button it plays like it was a play button, not that it was really needed so i tossed it out, looking another options for those buttons now..will try bank side buttons idea, though when i tried to map parameter earlier i got no feedback when pressing, but will have another look over the weekend. Will be testing this mapping out tonight at a gig during the early hours with rekordbox, then go back to my good old trusty traktor once the night gets going... sadly i think slicer mode works better on rekordbox then it does in traktor.. as we all are hoping for a new traktor update with significant improvements . If not i am starting to lean towards rekordbox now, hence why looking at different mapping be fair i love the smart playlists and colour codes and tag functions.

    Another thing i noticed, when in normal slicer mode you get the running light that goes in time with the beat along the 8 buttons though with loop slicer mode that running light is not there. All 8 are a solid colour is that from rekordbox side or did i miss something in the midifighter mapping.
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    If you are using the same output messages type I used, might be a Rekordbox thing.

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