Take Technics out the house for gigs (traktor user)?
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    Default Take Technics out the house for gigs (traktor user)?

    What's up fellas. I'm sort of stuck. I'm looking at doing gigs in the late fall, as I"m getting back into it somewhat. Main focus has been music production. At the moment I have-
    -Old Gemini Mixer
    -2 Technic 1200's Mk2
    -2 Traktor Z2 mixer (one of them their is something wrong. The other one is brand new and wanted to use that for gigs)
    -Traktor D2 (one)

    Two things here. My 1200's I was going send away to get cleaned and get mogami cables placed on them. My 1200's have had the rca's replaced twice with standard factory. Found two companies out of state who will do the cleaning etc cheaper than the local repair shots. I also need a second D2. I don't know where to put my money. Either get a second D2 or get the 1200's fixed. They work though. I wanted to keep the 1200's inside the house, unless it's a special gig where I bring my 1200's. My mobile rig would be two D2's and a traktor Z2. Thought about picking up a traktor Z1 maybe. Any suggestions? Spin mainly hip hop, and various genre's. Thanks.

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    This is not a problem unless you've actually got bookings?

    But if they've never been serviced, I'd get those 1200's freshened up for sure.
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    This all depends on what you are trying to achieve. For instance, what do you use the D2 for and why do you feel you need 2 of them? If you have Traktor Scratch then you can already mix on 2 Traktor decks using DVS control vinyl and your 2 turntables. You can then use your D2 for controlling a third deck for stems, remix decks, and a single FX unit. Do you need more than 3 Traktor decks?

    As for getting the turntables serviced, I've never had to bring my turntables to a gig because the clubs always have them installed already, so I'd say as long as they work well enough to use at home and don't need repairing, you probably don't need to service them. On the other hand if you really do have to bring them to gigs then maybe getting them looked at will give you peace of mind that they won't flake out on you mid performance. And they are probably more important than the D2 if you scratch.

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    There is difference beetween repairing and servicing. As repairing will fix some electronical or mechanical problems, servicing will contribute to make you MK work better and longer as the service manual advice you to lubricate some pieces (tonearm height adjustement, central spindle, pop up light, start/stop button), re calibrate the pitchcontrol unit to be back on factory values, cleaning inside the cabinet, recalibrate the tone arm and his anti skating.


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