Switching DJ's over via USB (CDJ's)
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    Default Switching DJ's over via USB (CDJ's)

    I am wandering how you would swap DJ's over when your both using USB's on linked CDJ's.

    If the USB is plugged in on deck one and playing on deck 2 via link how would the next DJ mix his track into the current song? Yes you would plug your USB into deck two but if you pushed the USB button would it stop playing the track on deck 2?

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    if you play decks 1 & 2.. and the usb is plugged into 1 but is playing out of 2 then deck 2 is currently using "link" and has no usb in it. you can put your usb into deck 2, and press link on deck 1 in order to access the library on your usb via deck 1 and then you can go

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    Plug your USB on the CDJ with no USB plugged in, and this particular CDJ should not be playing music.
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