Rekordbox vs Serato
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    Default Rekordbox vs Serato


    I have been using Traktor for a few years as an amateur at home DJ.
    I recently decided to step up my game and look for gigs.

    So I'm reevaluating my current set up. Throughout the years I have had issues with Traktor software and soundcards and found that NI is completely unresponsive so I'm done with them.

    My friend I plan to book gigs with has a PIONEER DDJSR Pro DJ Controller and uses Serato. I've done alot of research and I think I'm going to get the same controller.

    Another friend who's been DJing for 20 years keeps telling me to use Rekordbox to organize my music.

    I'm inclined to go all in with Rekordbox and use the DJ software as well. I don't scratch or mix videos so the main sticking point is that I read Rekordbox only works with Pioneer controllers whereas Serato can be mapped to most controllers.

    Would that be a problem?

    I'm curious what your professional thoughts are in regards to using Rekordbox DJ vs Serato?

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    Rekordbox DJ all the way. Rekordbox DVS works with your current traktor interface.
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    Rekordbox has release FX separate from their FX banks, which Serato doesn't have.

    Rekordbox might only come out of the controller if it's Pio, but you should be able to map MIDI to other controller and have sound come from your computer via soundcard if you really want. Serato can be mapped to most controllers via MIDI, but only some of them unlock the two-four channel mixing mode.

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    I've recently switched over to Rekordbox DJ from Traktor myself, and I'm really enjoying it! The interface is clean, FX sound great, DVS is tight, and from a music management standpoint, it just really works well! Give the demo a shot and see what you think! Cheers!

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