Need help with setup. Please.
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    Default Need help with setup. Please.


    I need help in connecting my equipment to Traktor pro 2 software on my Laptop (Windows O.S).

    My current equipment setup consists of 2 CDJ 350 decks and an Allen and Heath Xone 23C mixer.

    As per instructions online on some forum i was able to connect the Pioneer decks to my software but wasn't able to connect my Allen and Heath Mixer.

    Can someone give me a a step by step complete guide on how to connect my hardware to my software.

    P.S - Connecting to Rekordbox was a lot easier and i was successfully able to do so. But connecting to Traktor is a pain in the butt. Please help.


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    Read the quickstart guide for Traktor.

    Read the quickstart guide for the 350s and the Mixer.

    Also, google is a thing.

    There are also about 6 different ways you can setup that gear, and your question is too open ended to answer.

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