CDJ 850 BPM Detection/Decimal Crossover
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    Default CDJ 850 BPM Detection/Decimal Crossover

    So I'm working with one CDJ 850 with a USB for channel A and Serato DJ running DVS through a NDX-400 for channel B. One of the biggest downfalls is right now is the CDJ 850 has a three numeral BPM section so it shows me, for instance 116, but not 116.8 or 116.4. On Serato I'm getting to the hundreths, so I know when a song on channel B is 116.74 BPMs.

    What I'm trying to figure out is when the CDJ switches over to the next number. Does the switch over to the next BPM (let's just say 117) start at the next whole number (ex: 117.00) or does it switch over using basic rounding convention (ex: 116.50)?

    (Note: If I was using two CDJ 850s, this wouldn't be a problem because I could just match their quirks to each other, but alas, I only have one currently)

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    Use the CDJ for the DVS and compare Seratos readout for a specific song and pitch fader position with the CDJ. Figure out where the "switching point" is.

    Other than that I would suggest you to use the bpm indicator as a rough number. go 1-3 bpm faster than the song playing, cue the song repeatedly while pushing the fader to slow the track down and use your ears to hear if you where right. With a bit of practice you'll be able to do this in a few seconds. Next step: Cover up the bpm readouts completely.

    Also. No offense to you intended, but I think it's funny that there is quite a few users of Pioneer CDJs that consider "adjusting the slider till the bpms show the same values and pressing play" as beatmatching and in some kind of way superior to using sync...

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