Pioneer XDJ-R1 question
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    Default Pioneer XDJ-R1 question

    So I'm thinking about a cheap Rekordbox solution...looking at the videos online, it looks like you can use your normal CDJ/XDJ usbs with this and it should function like you'd expect...even the product video mentions that, however reading online, you need to export your library specifically for the R1..


    1: is this still the case, meaning an R1 usb isn't CDJ compatible
    2: can you export 2 libraries to one USB stick, so you can use it on everything?
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    I had one for about 3 weeks & sold it on.

    I'm not sure if it's specific to this controller, but it takes forever to export to USB sticks for the R1. If you decide to add something to your memory stick 5 minutes before you're due out the door.'re screwed!

    You're also too limited on what columns you can see on the screens & on an ipad, when browsing.

    It does work quite nicely as a controller for Recordbox DJ though. Grab the month long demo, if you haven't done already.


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