Help finding tracks and artists similier to....?
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    Default Help finding tracks and artists similier to....?


    Been Dj'ing for the last Ten years and within the last 3 years im finding it hard to find tracks I really get a feel for.

    I love tracks by Mark Knight such as ( The Return of wolfy , conscindo ,your love) so ive been checking out the Toolroom albums but i find them rather minimal and some of the tracks rather basic.

    conscindo :

    the return of wolfy :

    your love :

    I love the old skool acid house vibes of some of the newer tracks aswell, with a good piano backing (i.e deep house)

    Friend within and HILO (that samples some old skool tunes)

    Dale Howard :How to love :

    Cheers , i know this is a little basic , im just having music block uninspired at the moment

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    Just listen to Mark Knight's mixes.
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    Spotify is IMHO probably single best way to find related tracks, artists and albums.

    Even the automated discover weekly (at this point*) gives me a better selection of relevant tracks in my favoured genres that I'd never discover regardless of how much crate digging I do on other sources.

    *Note: I only use a Specifc Spotify account for stuff I'd play out so it doesn't start giving me crap results.

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    Listen to some of Mark Knight's live sets, and follow along with the tracks he plays on That should give you a good idea.

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