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    I forgot to add that I'm relatively close to Goa (haven't been there yet as I'm saving it for later), which is the birthplace of psytrance. It still has a massive scene (that's what you'll hear played at just about all of the parties there). Pretty cool considering that to my knowledge, no other globally popular form of music ever originated outside the west (excluding the Beatles introducing Indian classical music to the world of rock, of course).

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    Maybe, maybe not, but that's not the point.
    If someone from Miami makes a track that sounds like Chicago house music, then it's a Chicago house track that was written by some dude in Miami. Chicago is the birthplace of Acid, and a lot of guys from Detroit adopted those sounds, but it's still Chicago acid.
    Detroit here is the home of Detroit style techno! Straight house music has been a lot more popular lately, but the signature sound here will always be techno.
    I'm definitely not an expert but I think the internet has pretty much killed these regional differences. Although like I said in my post, Buenos Aires has a very distinct brand of house that you'll hear at the after parties there (that I could recognize immediately). I don't know if there are any other places in the world like this. I sure hope Tel Aviv does, because Guy J, Guy Mantzur, Sahar Z, Roy Rosenfeld, Chicola, and Khen are all from Tel Aviv and have a similar style, and it's my favorite sound in electronic music. I hear the nightlife is just insane there, too, so hopefully I get to visit some day.
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