traktor audio 2 with Mixxx - help please...
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    Default traktor audio 2 with Mixxx - help please...

    It's probably very easy but I'm just doing my first steps in djing.
    I have a Traktor audio2 soundcard, and I connected it to my computer, headphones and speakers.
    I'm using Mixxx, and when I try to change the preferences so that the headphones will be channel 1-2 like the speakers, a message popps up saying "configuration error- an unknown error"
    this results in me either hearing everything in both speakers and headphones or just in the speakers, but I can't listen to the next tracks only in the headphones.
    Help, anybody? thanks a lot!!!

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    Mac or Win user? For windows, you need to have ASIO drivers installed. Also, what version of Audio 2: there is Audio 2 DJ, Traktor Audio 2 and Traktor Audio 2 mk2.
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