Will Pioneer Ever Give Us 64 Bit Win Audio Drivers?
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    Default Will Pioneer Ever Give Us 64 Bit Win Audio Drivers?

    I know this has been out there for nearly a years now but that is the point. When DJ software was first released in 64 bit versions about a years ago, the questions hit the pioneer forum asking when they would release drivers to support it, the answer then was "Our engineers are working on it"....6 months later still working on it.....9 months later they simply refused to answer the question and said topic closed. Now it is 15 months later and still no news of a release date. Considering that the one man ASIO 4All project has had 64bit drivers for years I find it hard to believe that it would take a team of Pioneer engineers more than 15 months to develop 64 bit driver. Stop the lies Pioneer and give your customers what they have be asking for or sack your engineers a find some new ones. http://forum.djtechtools.com/djtt_im...ew/cursing.gif

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    Grab the Beta, and report back.
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