Tsp 2.5.0 upgrade version
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    Default Tsp 2.5.0 upgrade version


    I've just upgraded to Tsp via upgrade kit and the version on the instal disc is 2.5.0 .

    The service centre wants me to move straight to version 2.10 or so but I run OS X 10.8.5 and been told tsp 2.6.8 is best version to use on that platform.

    I have downloaded the file NI offer on legacy page but it just won't install there is no installer in the download file just code opens in text edit.

    Can you not jump from version 2.5 to 2.68 ?

    It's first time I've used tsp2 so don't have any other versions in back up file .

    I'd be most grateful for some help

    Thanks in advance

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    Contact NI support and they'll link you to the installer.

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