Saving for a full mobile setup
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    Default Saving for a full mobile setup

    So I just landed my first regular spot at a club where I live and I'm finally going to be able to start saving for all the toys I want. One thing that I've gradually been trying to work towards is a full on mobile setup. This will include new controller, mixer(if necessary), sub, speakers for booth and audience, booth, and an amp. I'm thinking about saving for the Numark ns7 iii, so the mixer would be redundant. But what I am wondering is how much have our guys spent on average getting a sound system and all the little things to do parties and weddings?

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    over 9000....

    seriously though this is a vague question. id look to spend 1500-2000 on laptop if needed,500- 1000 for an average controller, and maybe another 2000-4000 for a set of subs and powered tops to be able to do a mid size crowd? if you want to have multiple artists lined up you probably want to consider a little 4-8 channel mixer to route people through so there isnt much unplugging and pluggin going on. probably want some monitors..... id probably look to start with something like this set up :

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    My wedding gig is about 10k all together between speakers, lights, and equipment.

    Turntables and Mixer - 2000
    Reception Powered Tops (4) - 2400
    Powered Subs (2) - 3000
    Ceremony Powered Tops (2) - 800
    Uplights (30) - 5000 (wireless with dmx)
    Various accent lights and dance floor lights - 3000

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    Well it is not really easy to tell you.

    The PA as well as the lights for a wedding are so depending on the Location.

    When I started 15 years ago making the first weddings, I had 4 simple Moon-Flower effect and a cheap smoke machine all together maybe 150€
    Today I get for +3000€ Lights in my storage, that depending on how big the location and how much they pay me I can Chose on different Setups.

    For the PA it's the same, depending on the size of the Location I take one or 2 Systems with me which each one cost me 1000€.

    About the Controller I cant tell you much, as I still Play with CDs just an advice: Use the gear you're uased to Play at Clubs as well, don't Play a wedding on a Controller you nearly never used before.

    All in on the best advice is to go step by step, maybe rent PAs in the beginning (rental companies might know the Location the Party takes place and might exactly know which System fits the best), buy 1 light element after the other, specially in lights there are tonns of novelties coming out every month, so if you buy everything now, you might be frustrated in 6 months 'cause something that would have fit your Needs better Comes out then (imagine the guy who bought the whole light Setup just 6 months before LED-Effects came on the market).

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