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    Hi DjTT Forum Users

    without further introduction: Im facing some struggles right now. I sold my DDj Sx 2 because i want to use vinyl and a DVS.

    My question is: Does it matter what turntable i use? (I like the reloop rp 7000)
    can i use it with any mixer? (i like the xone 23)
    and finally, can i switch between real vinyl and dv during a gig? i mean can i mix up however i like to, like dv and vinyl, vinyl and vinyl, dv and dv?

    Im going to get myself traktor scratch, maybe software will be important for you in order to answer my questions :P

    Thanks in advance

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    1) No
    2) Yes, pretty much.
    3) Yes, pretty much.

    Get yourself some multicore cables, they're great for hooking up your DVS quickly.
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    To use it with any mixer you'd like, you'll need an audio interface.

    There are also mixers that have built-in audio interfaces.
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