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    so im looking at getting my first turntable setup to step my game up in the scratching department and i am kind of iffy about buying used 1200's so i was looking at getting some plx1000's for club use. but i recently saw a video about a sound resonance problem. heres the link if anyone wants to take a look

    is this really a problem with the turntable or just an isolated incident?

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    Depends on whether you want to use it at home or in a club. However, the PLX is overpriced, since its a OEM standard Hanpin turntalbe just like the Reloop and Stanton turntables. I suggest you check them out as well if you want the same stuff for less money. Just because it says Pioneer it doesn't mean it's better than others.

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    Used Technics, been said zillion times before.

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    If you can find a good deal on some Stanton ST-150s, you'll do well with them. Otherwise, preowned Technics or Vestax.
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    St/r8-150's or Technics all day. You wont have any noise issues with either. I can attest that the PLX-1000's have a horrible transition of bass through the deck. All that stupid electronic internals is nice for the features, but limited space for sound dampening material.
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    Just save yourself a ton of $$$ and pick up a set of st-150s. It's crazy to me why people would by anything else at this point.
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    I can say I love my PLX-1000. I looked seriously at the Stanton ST-150s, the Technics didnt have a wide enough pitch for me to really look further into them. I got a great deal on a used one around $350 total.
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