Hello everyone,
This is my first thread in this forum,which I'm glad to be part of.
I'm trying to get started soon with djing and production (pheraps later on)
My genre is techno.
At the moment all I've got is a Macbook Pro and I've been planning to take some classes at a DJ school especially to have the chance to speak with a expert and see which one the best way would be,rather then waste money and change my mind rather than soon.

Firstly my thoughts were all focused on traktor. My first doubts here were about what would be better between a Native Instrument controller all-in-one (something quite cheap to start put my hands on) or two separate decks (NI X1 or even better D2) with separate mixer.

Lately I've been thinking about either CDJs and Vinyl,but for economic reason,I guess,economically it wouldn't be the best choice starting with vynils since it would be my really first time on DJing,rather it's something to consider later on.
Between digital option and CDJs I would prefer CDJs because I'd like to feel it mine,put hands on,beatmach manually either than press a SYNC botton,which would work at the beginning,for sure.
Also one day I'd like to use some analog stuff,like reverbs,delays as well as have either a Traktor deck on side (just to play with effects) and I'd like to consider Ableton push or whatever external midi controller.

I've been looking for secondhand CDjs and I found some kind of good prices for decks:
400 for pair Pioneer CDJ 800 mk2 + djm 300
750 for a pair of Pioneer CDJ 850
500 for a pair of Pioneer CDJ 1000 mk3.

Between these three which one would the best option? (would prefer usb rather than CD of course or use them with Traktor.

Which monitors would you suggest me?
Considering that Id start producing,Am I supposed to buy different monitors for DJing and production as well as a sound card?

I haven't got a specific budget,but I would prefer to split my investment buying pieces bit by bit,or just keep saving money for a clear idea.
I'm sorry for being a bit confusing and not really clear because of my english,but I hope someone will be able to clear my ideas and help me out

Thanks for the attention