strange problem occurs when using K2 in midi mode
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    Default strange problem occurs when using K2 in midi mode

    OK to clarify,

    I have the following setup:

    Traktor running in external mixer mode using the DB4 as soundcard. to control the decks i have 2 d2's next to my db4 and a Xone k2 connected to the second d2(for mapping purpose only, normaly its connected to the db4 via xlink) . 1 D2 is connected to the usb2 port of my computer and the db4 is in the first d2's hub the other d2 is also plugged in the first d2's hub

    I have no issues and everything runs fine when using the k2 with xlink, even when using maschine or ableton on one of the db4 channels no hickups or distortions

    Today i tried to map my K2 to some effects so i started to make a generic midi map, For that you need to plug the k2 into a usb port and remove the xlink, immediately i noticed that the sound quality of the db4 started to deteriorate to a point i had to reset the mixer by unplugging the k2 and unplugging the db4 usb and putting it back in, after that the sound is great, but as soon as i plug in the K2 it goes bad....really no clue on what might be happening ...

    So some how the midi signal coming from the xone k2 effects the soundcard in the db4 and also traktor seems to stutter in the waveform....i can reproduce this fault...anybody any idea what might be happening ? i also tried to hookup the k2 directly to the laptop but that did not work also ....tried several traktor builds but no luck.

    I also uninstalled the audio drivers for the K2 but no luck is it possible that a midi signal interferes with the db4 soundcard

    Edit, its possible to use the k2 in latching layer mode using the xlink,disconnect the k2 in the db4 menuand only select the db4 instead of the k2 as incoming midi device in traktor. Its seems this runs just ok using xlink no problems so far, using usb is not possible..
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    it could be a problem of assign the right In & OUT port in the controller manager, when the k2 is connected via Xlink or USB. A second option could be a problem of midi channel conflict. You should try to set the k2 to channel 3/4/5, that usually are channel unused by default from the other gear you have. I had a Xone DB2 for years and never had a problem like yours.
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