mixing hip hop /rnb question
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    Default mixing hip hop /rnb question

    i am a house dj and always have been but i do love listening to hip hop and rnb. Been asked a few times to do a rnb club mix. i gave it ago but was soo bad. what i was wondering if there a site where i can buy tracks that have an extended intro but kinda dance then goes back to the original beat so i can mix it

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    Mixing hip hop and RnB requires slightly different mixing skills mate.

    Quick cuts are more suited to it and if you need to do any extended mixing, use some cue points and loops.

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    I'm playing 90% hiphop out right now. Most of my hiphop is coming from a recordpool that offers dj intro versions of tracks that have 4-8 bar loops before the vocals.

    Also, if you cant find a dj friendly version of a tune you must have, make one. its fairly easy to put it in logic or ableton and make a 4-8 bar intro from slices of the tune.

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    have a 4 bar loop anywhere in the new track playing (deck b) and when you mix out of your previous track (deck a) throw the same track from deck b and essentially fade into the beginning of the same song. probably want to do this pretty quick unless you want to hear the same beat for a good amount of time

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