Streaming video + audio from your Phone? //Need some help!
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    Default Streaming video + audio from your Phone? //Need some help!


    I was wondering if there is a way for me to play music from my turntables and mixer, then stream it online to a website for people to listen, I can already do this by simply stream the video directly from my phone but the audio will probably be horrible since it's the phone that will be capturing the audio.

    The equipment I'm currently using is two turntables, mixer is a Reloop 22i, the phone I am using is a Samsung S5, an Android phone.

    Worth to note is that I also have an access to a laptop and a Audio A6 soundcard. However the streaming software I'm currently interested in using is only for phones!

    Send help!

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    use an irig to get the audio from your mixer to your phone and then stream like you normally do. I did this the other day and it worked flawlessly

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