Hi everyone I just want to share my findings I have been testing MacOS Sierra public beta 6 and I have used traktor the latest release for almost 5hrs with not a single dropout using a DJM 900 nexus with Pioneers El Capitan drivers and Timecode. I will do more testing tonight and report back tomorrow. A colleague of mine recently has been testing public beta 6 for almost 10 hours straight not a single audio dropout and is going to take Sierra to a live club gig that's how confident he is with this release. I suggest that all of u Mac users upgrade to this new OS if u are a Traktor user and make sure u back up before u do because it is only beta some stuff might not work. The only thing for me that doesn't work is my NTFS drivers for Mac which I am sure I can find a company that supplies developers with a beta of that too.

been on cruise mode using dvs for 6hrs now not a single dropout using 41000hz back to the old sample rate I am also running 4 decks two of them are stem decks.

all effects on too cpu is barely hitting 30%

before it would be easily over 40 or close to 50%