Hey guys! I have some experience DJing with CDJs and with rekordbox, but I have never used TTs. I'd love to get my feet wet, but can not spend more than 500 total for a setup at the moment (2TTs+Mixer)(+DVS depending on mixer).
Also, since i have experience with Rekordbox, I'm thinking about buying a DDJ-SX2 or DDJ-RX as a mixer/controller/dvs in a few month when I can afford it. However, I am offered a Rand SL1 box right now for less than 100. Should I buy that as well and get a cheap ass mixer? Or better spend the remaining 200 on a mixer (instead of 100) and use something like mixx!?
Also, what would you check for when buying used TTs? Anything a beginner can do to ensure they are intact?
Thanks a lot for you help!
Edit: Reloop 6000's seem to be an option too, but would probably cost me about 400-450 - the better option?