MIDI signal relay
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    Default MIDI signal relay

    currently thinking of adding an Akai Tomcat to the my current set up and wanted to know if it would be possible to receive midi clock from someone, have traktor take it into account and send it out to the tomcat aswell.
    I have an audio 10 and am on Traktor 2.10.2


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    u could get traktor to send midi clock to it... use a usb/midi adapter and in traktor choose to send clock to that midi out. ive got a tomcat, it seems to sync to midi quite easily tho havent tried with traktor.

    one issue with the tomcat is that it doesnt reset to the start of the bar on a midi start message. so first you need to press 'stop' on the tomcat to reset it. not a big deal if just doing it before a set but a royal pain in the ass when using it while writing/producing...

    i dont know why nobody seems to like the tomcat. the kick drums massive... sure the high hats are odd but ok in a mix. even the "disco toms" are great so long as u dont put them in disco mode... WOOP instead of PEW
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