Hello everyone I just purchased my first vinyl setup ( Epsilon DJT-1300 ) Iv always used digital but i want that vinyl feel for scratching but I'm having issues getting everything together and not getting sound it may just be a user error but I feel as tho my mixer is defective so I'm reaching out to the community for information.....so at the moment I don't have have my Rane sl1 box to connect to my computer so Iv just been trying to connect it old school because I have records but when I hook the turn tables up the the mixer my mixer dose not seem to pick the up my sound the indication lights on my mixer don't light up other than a light flicker on the bottom row and no sound comes thew just the crackleing sound iv used RCA's with a ground and without to the mixer still no change I feel as tho even with a monitor hooked up my mixer should still acknowledge the record producing sound but Iv also been thinking that my rig requires the interface in order to read the sound but I'm not sure and I don't want to go buy a new mixer if I don't have to could some one give me a bit of help please and thank you