Xone 92 and traktor effects incorporation query
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    Default Xone 92 and traktor effects incorporation query

    Hi all, I've been recently looking into buying an EFX 500 to use with an Xone 92 but the thought occurred to me about using Traktor's built in effects. I'm wanting to know if its possible to use Traktor's effects through an Xone 92 by using an Audio 2 (or similar audio interface) to send a channel through to Traktor and back to Xone. I'd only want to use Traktor for the effects and not for playing music. I might not be explaining this very well but I thought since I own a Midi Fighter 3d this might be another option than going out and finding a decent EFX 500.

    Cheers guys

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    Traktor Audio 2 or similar interface won't work. You have to find one with at lease one stereo input.

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    I think you can use the 3,5mm mic jack on the computer to receive the signal from the mixer and the headphone jack to send the signal back to the mixer.
    If you have a Mac with combined jack you could use for example a Audio 2 for output. (Need to create a aggregated sound card with computer line in and a USB output sound card)

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