Looking for some help with streaming via OBS (open to other software if needed though)

I want to live stream to facebook through OBS, using the video from my gopro and the audio from my s4.

I have a roxio game capture hd

The gopro is linked to roxio by micro usb

Currently the main out from the s4 is plugged back into channel D and that channel is selected for the audio in OBS.

Couple of problems with this

the sound is blown out, i have to totally kill the bass on the channel for you to hear the track even 1/4 way up its just solid bass (ive also turned the s4 chD recording settings right down in my laptop speaker settings)

Ideally I dont want to use chD for this if possible, i use chC & D for vinyl but i can work around it if needed.

Any help apreciated, apart from the blown out sound, got it streaming with facebook fine. I dont want any room audio just whats coming out the mixer.