Moving from Traktor to Pioneer XDJ-RX
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    Default Moving from Traktor to Pioneer XDJ-RX

    I am seriously considering moving to the new-ish Pioneer XDJ-RX setup, and am interested in hearing from anyone who has done this already, or who uses both.

    Main reasons are...

    - No Laptop Needed
    - Plug & Play (stick USB full of mp3s in and off you go)
    - Work like the standalone CDJs found in most clubs
    - My Traktor S4 crashes sometimes

    i know Rekordbox is part of the eco-system, but theoretically i could just plug in USB and get on with it. However i will no doubt embrace Rekordbox and see what its all about.

    What's your experience with Pioneer kit, and how does it stand up against Traktor?

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    I've moved from Traktor to Rekordbox (very longtime Traktor user) I haven't gone down the "All in one" route, instead i went for the DDJ-RR with my existing MacBook Air.
    So far, everything has been very positive. The software seems pretty solid & the build quality / features of the controller seem way ahead of N.I's kit.


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    I switched from VCI 400 to rekordbox ddj rz. I miss the expanded waveform in the traktor player (the zoom) and I miss being able to twist a knob to move my loop without ever getting out of sync or out of phrase. I also miss jog effects.

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