Recommendations on buying a new gear bag....
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    Default Recommendations on buying a new gear bag....

    alright, so i've recently upgraded my setup from just one AIO controller to a modular setup. and i am in the market for a new back pack, i have been scouring google and amazon for one, but it seems like every bag i see just does not look like it will fit well or protect my stuff... can anyone reccomend a good bag? my requirments are that itt must be small enough so when im flying to another city i shouldn't have to pay extra for it ( basic carry on ) but must be able to fit three controllers and a laptop. .. see picture below

    (btw my stand isnt shown in the picture, but it will be going in the bag as well. its the Hercules laptop stand)


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    I'd say your best option is to buy the BIGGEST carry on bag that you can find, then buy some black/grey high density packing foam (like you get in flight cases) and cut it to size so that all your gear is properly protected.

    I suspect you'll need 2 layers of storage, so you'll want 5 layers of foam (2 layers with the cut outs for your gear, and then 3 layers of front/back protection for those layers.

    As long as your 2 layers with the cut outs are thick enough for the gear to sit in comfortably, the 3 "inter-layers" can be made from thinner foam.
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