latest beta of Serato DJ has Ableton Link support!!
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    Default latest beta of Serato DJ has Ableton Link support!!

    Just got a mail with:

    "We are continuing our Serato DJ 1.9.3 public beta with added support for Ableton Link.
    Also included are new features and improvements such as:
    Improved Serato Sampler. An update to the SP-6 with two extra slots, as well as a number of changes to the design for better usability.
    An improved and refreshed look for MIDI mapping.
    Various bug fixes, changes and stability improvements."

    If I am understanding this right wouldn't this potentially solve the whole midi clock sync drift issues?

    Would mean having an Ableton+Push or Maschine (running in plugin mode) alongside a Serato rig on potentially the same laptop without need for cables/virtual midi right..? wonder how it would work when engaging and disengaging sync on the different decks..

    I wonder what NI think of this given their faffing about for years doing everything BUT integrating Maschine and Traktor

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    This certainly has the potential. Nice that they went open source with it too.

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