new XDJ 1000mk2, or used CDJ 2000nxs? same price
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    Default new XDJ 1000mk2, or used CDJ 2000nxs? same price

    I'm switching over to CDJ setup from Traktor but can't decide between these two models. The CDJ NXS seems a safe bet because its an industry standard, but then the newer features on the XDJ seem a good thing to have as well. They are both roughly the same price when its all said and done.

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    If you'd like backwards compatibility with Traktor using them via HID you might want to hold off the new XDJs since that ain't coming for a few months for sure. If you have a chance to go and test both personally then do so, that way you'll be able to tell if the new features are worth it or if you want to play it safe.

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    If you already don't mind the touchscreen and not having a CD drive, why not consider the original XDJ-1000? It has almost the same features as the 2000NXS, but the screen is already much better, browsing tracks is faster and it's a lot cheaper second-hand.

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