Mac Sierra + Traktor + Pioneer DJM900 - FAIL - WILL NOT PLAY
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    Default Mac Sierra + Traktor + Pioneer DJM900 - FAIL - WILL NOT PLAY

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    This evening I learned the hard way that Mac OSX Sierra (final) and the DJM 900 mac drivers do not play well together within Traktor (latest). When you plug the mixer into the USB, you get an audio routing popup and everything appears to be fine. Once you're in Traktor, you can't play anything. Literally, the play button will NOT work. If you switch to the internal sound card, Traktor plays, just not out of the mixer's sound card.

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    Didn't play on a DJM-900NXS this weekend, but if anyone wants to know the DJM-850 and DJM-900NXS2 mixers work just fine with the El Capitan DJM drivers.
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    Pioneer might need to update the drivers, Traktor itself works perfectly fine and other Pioneer kit do too (I use a DDJ-RX)
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    everything working here solid as a rock with MacOS Sierra. Why don't u re install latest El Capitan Pioneer DJM 900 driver ? and make sure your on the latest firmware for the DJM 900.
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