XDJ-RX or 2 XDJ1000's and DJM 750 Please Help
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    Default XDJ-RX or 2 XDJ1000's and DJM 750 Please Help

    Hello i'm new to register to this website as i am seeking help from DJ's with better knowledge about some gear that ill soon be purchasing. I am an amateur DJ that has been using a traktor kontrol S4 for about a year now; i have got to the point where i feel more than capable of moving on from using a controller and wish to purchase some proper decks where i am no longer assisted by a laptop and will be able to transfer my skills into a dj booth at a club once i feel confident enough. I have done lots of research and i'm basically stuck at a cross roads:
    I near almost decided on purchasing a pair of mk1 xdj1000's and linking them together with a djm 750 mixer, the main reasoning behind this is that i like the size of the decks and they seem like they would be good practice at home to transfer into club, I also wanted to have multiple effects ready to apply of which the djm 750 offers. Effects are important to me as i enjoy adding my own creative flare to my mixes and like to stay occupied, so i didn't mind spending the extra money on to upgrade from the djm 350.
    I almost proceeded with my purchase until i further researched into the xdj-rx, which is almost like an all in one of what I've been looking for for a fraction of the price. My main problem being is that the screen on the RX is almost like that of which i have been using on traktor, and the format of the decks itself almost looks like a larger amped up version of the decks i have been using the past year, so i don't know if i could learn as much from this as much as purchasing the xdj's. But then again, is it worth paying an extra 850 so that the layout is more than that in a club? I really need some help here, any input would be much appreciated!!
    Also if anyone has any better ideas of a setup that i could buy better that anything I've mentioned please let me know! Im looking at spending maximum 2300

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    2 XDJ1000's and a DJM 450?

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    I bought 2 XDJ-1000's and a DJM-750 a year ago and I love them, they are great for practicing at home as you get most of the club features at a much lower price. I got the DJM-750 second-hand though, it's still a bit pricey in shops.

    Can't say much about the XDJ-RX, some people say they love it and others think it's crap.

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    kinda depends on your point of view in DJing. I spin at local raves where they have cdjs set up and somewhat frown upon using controllers as it just adds clutter and music breaks. So i want a full stand alone set up because thats what ill be using most. but you should look into getting a mixer with USB so you can tie in your mixer and xdjs into your laptop as well

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    Defo get the XDJ1000 MK2's and a DJM. One day you are gonna want two extra channels whether it be fore more decks, adding live PA to your set, adding a drum machine, adding turntables, etcetera. Never limit yourself.
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    It all depends on what you're willing to spend.

    Bang for your buck? XDJ-RX hands down wins it. It's basically two XDJ's and a 2 channel mixer in one unit. I have a couple buddies whom own them and they swear by them. This is also the option I would go recommend if you plan on doing mobile DJing stuff (weddings and the like) as it's such a simple plug and go arrangement.

    If you plan on adding onto your setup with a turntable or additional stuff in the future? Go modular and get the XDJ's and a 4 channel mixer.

    If you plan on renting them out or using them in the club - look at the CDJ-900 Nexus or CDJ-2000 Nexus (1 or 2). People won't normally play on less than those - but if it's just for home use or mobile gigs you'll be fine with the above options.

    Frankly with any of the options you shouldn't need a laptop hooked up at all, you can just play off of USB stick. So having a mixer with USB capability is kind of moot. I'd look for an older DJM-800 which you can find some really good deals on until you save up enough to re-sell it and get a DJM-900 Nexus (1 or 2).
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    First thing first: DJM 4 channel mixer with 2 XDJ 1000 is a super sweet setup and you are going to feel like home in any club booth, I can tell you that from experience. Also a modular setup is great for future updates.
    That said, you pointed out that you already have a controller with a mixer, two jogwheels and pitch faders, and that's really all you need to learn the mixing technique, and then it's the same workflow in every setup from almost any brand. You just have to tune up a little bit your traktor settings basically to erase and disable any "helpfull" parameter from the laptop screen and you are going to get a very accurate idea of the whole process of mixing in a CDJ-style setup.
    I mean, you already have the controller, at least give it a chance, I would start for deactivate Snap and Quantize (and Sync, of corse), take off all the bpm related information from the track decks leaving only remaining time and played time (besides the trackt name/general info), set the CUES right on the beginning of the tracks and then try to mix using only your ear, you are going to have a lot of fun at least while you make your final decision.
    Once again, if you dont feel like doing this, with the DJM+XDJ1000 combo you can't go wrong. Cheers!

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