History of DJ software and Hardware
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    Default History of DJ software and Hardware

    Just wanted to take a trip down memory lane back to the origins of digital DJing, the software and hardware that started it all.
    While most people would recognize Final Scratch and Traktor as the start of digital DJing in a professional capacity the first PC base dj software I can remember was Carrot Innovations Virtual TurnTables (VTT) released in 1996. http://web.archive.org/web/200002260...eenshots.shtml.
    While the windows based program wasn't really up to a performance level, it did allow you to manipulate mp3s in a similar way you could with turntables or CDJs and mix tracks together via a software mixer with channel and cross faders, EQs and VTS effects, at the time I was blown away by the possibilities it created.
    I also recall a hardware controller being available, although I never owed one and can not recall the details of it.
    Your input. Was this the birth of digital DJing or was there early software? What was the first dedicated DJ DAW or MIDI controller?

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    I remember PCDJ, and moreso it's 'Red' version, I also know a guy who used it as recently as last week..
    If it's not broke....

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    I remember using BMP Studio for private use, way before I was calling myself a DJ and I mix since 16 years now.

    I remember it said that BPM Studio was a co-production with the Fraunhofer Institut which invented the mp3 Format so I could easily think that it was one of the first DJ Softwares on the market.

    It's like imagine the guy who invented the wheel not being the first to invent a carriage no?

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    First DJ software that I considered usable was Deejaysystem. http://www.deejaysystem.com/

    The pitch was accurate and the software was rock solid and never crashed. I had to configure 2 soundcards. One for master and one for monitor. The good ol' days. You could feel the wave coming.

    I DJed a few parties with it around 1999 and then switched to Traktor when it came out around 2000.

    I still liked Deejaysystem better but I could feel Traktors potential with every new update.

    I remember ripping CD's for hours every week to get them into my laptop.

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