External Mixing + EQ'ing Effects
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    Default External Mixing + EQ'ing Effects

    Hey there guys,

    hoping someone has had this issue before and can help me out. Current setup is xone 92 + Traktor X1 mk2 and just started with the whole traktor and external mixing.

    geting right to it, so when you apply an effect on traktor it sends the track+effect to the soundcard thus to the mixer so you get that dirty signal. bassy on delays or what ever

    Was hoping there was a way to eq the effect before adding it to the track?

    another option i can think of is if be possible to send the track pre-"software"eq to the soundcard and then adjust my eq internally so the effect gets eq'ed then layering that way?

    I saw on some thread that there was a EQ FX mode modifier that allowed for fx eq but that is the only thing I could find besides the isolation fx videos duplicating tracks and such which seems not so efficient.

    Just think there must be a way to do this. Hope i could explain myself and will greatly appreciate anyone willing to help.

    Thanks fellow djs.

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    Yes, you can have your X1 controlling the internal Traktor EQ's while in external mixing mode if that is your question.
    You can't "eq the effect before adding it to the track" - that would make sense only if we we're talking about a sample since effect is not a standalone audio track

    Internal traktor eq works on the track either before or after the traktor fx is applied (so either on dry or wet signal) but someone more informed about audio path inside traktor can answer that better.
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