Just finished up my last mix here in Germany as I get ready to relocate back to the States soon... as I have much to work on in store! It's was fun exploring the music culture here in Europe where people are open minded to ideas and don't as much when it comes to music. This mix will seduce your mind, body and soul with hypnotic and sensual original tracks from Dana Ruh, Hannah Wants, KiNK, and Milton Jackson! I've also slipped in some remixes from Stephane Lefrancois, Alex Dimou, Gaetano C, Stanny Abram that gives you a blend of unique, vibrant, euphoric sounds to soothe your listening pleasures. Share, Comment, Like, or Follow me on Soundcloud.


1. Dub Jet- Riko Forinson
2. Dark Brown Eyes- Livia Andrei
3. Our World (Alex Dimou Remix)- M.A.N.D.Y. ft The Sunsetpeople
4. I Wanna (KiRiK Remix)- Julia Govor and Justin Marchacos
5. Temptation- Jaques Le Noir
6. Miss Me (Stephane Lefrancois Remix)- Homegroove Project
7. Spread The Love (Full Intention Vocal Mix)- Shaima
8. Sentilo- Myles ft. DJ Cameo and Gavin Francis
9. Valentine's Groove- KiNK
10. Your Love- Milton Jackson
11. Pretty Girls (Gaetano C Remix)- B.Cliff ft. T.Ricci
12. No Hay Limite- Riko Forinson
13. Uhh- Toolside
14. Kisses- Dop
15. Crux- Laura Jones
16. This is Me- AndMe.
17. Hidden Love- Hannah Wants
18. Jammin- Dana Ruh
19. Insight (Stanny Abram Abracadabra Remix)- Werner Niedermeier
20. Hot For You- Deiny Neves
21. Sunsetpeople (Es Verda Mix)- The Sunsetpeople