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    Hey guys so I have been djing for a while now on my DDJ-SB and I am looking into buying a pair of turntables and a mixer but sure which what mixer and/or turntables are compatible with the Serato software. The last thing i need is to spend all that money and have it not work... Also what other things will I need to buy (cables, slipmats, control vinyl, etc.)

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    For mixers, you have 2 choices... A mixer with a built in audio interface (sound card) that is compatible with Serato DVS. Usually Rane and Pioneer, there are some others as well. Or you can get a mixer without a built in interface, but you would need a separate Serato interface.

    As for turntables, anything will work, you would just need the control vinyl that would come with the software.

    Yes you will need cables (RCA's), slip mats, and needles.

    As for turntables... it depends on how much you want to invest. You can get a new set of Pioneer PLX 1000 turntables or PLX 500. You can also get a used pair of Technic 1200's. Maybe the vinyl guys can chime in on here if they have different suggestions.

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