How do you connect 4 output monitors from a pioneer djm-2000 nexus
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    Default How do you connect 4 output monitors from a pioneer djm-2000 nexus

    I am building a bar with a dj booth in my basement and want to connect more then just 2 output monitors. I need to spread out the sound thru the entire space. I want to connect 4 monitors (2 stereo pairs) in all 4 corners of the space. The outputs from my mixer are XLR. How do I split the signal out of the mixer from 2 (left & right) to 4 (left & right)? Thanks

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    Don't have to split them, you have another "master 2" rca output.

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    You need to put 4 monitors in the DJ booth or you just want to connect the mixer to 4 speakers for the entire basement?
    Because the term "monitors" is usually used when refering to the speakers that are in located in the DJ booth and directed towards the DJ (best connected to a dedicated booth output on the mixer/controller).

    Anyway, solution is almost the same: if you just need 4 speakers for the entire basement then you daisy chain them (powered speakers). If you're using non-powered speakers then it's just a matter of using a amp with 4 or more outputs.
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