Akai amx looping
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    Default Akai amx looping

    Hey, I just bought Akai AMX controler
    I think it works pretty well, and i am using it in Serato dj.

    two things I do not understand, and I hope that I am doing something wrong.

    1. How to change the preset loop lenght? When using the chanel filter buttons to 4,8,16
    2. How fast forward into a song?

    Anyone know anything about this?


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    To fast forward in the track hold the 1 or 2 button near the top (depending what track you want) and use the browse knob to scroll through the track. You can do this while the track is playing or stopped. It's more of a fine tune than a fast forward.

    Also, you can't really change loop sizes with the AMX. There's the loop roll tied to the channel filter knob with the touch feature on, but you can't actively change what the loop length starts at IIRC

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