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    So after hunting around for a roadcase to suit my Traktor setup, I finally came across one that had front panel access for my Z2 to enable plugging in the headphones without needing a 90 degree adaptor for the headphone jack. Just got it today after it made its way from Brisbane all the way to Perth just in time before Christmas. Will need to trim the foam at the rear of the mixer well slightly and add some additional foam on either side, but it suits my setup perfectly as it is now. Short of a sudden announcement of a Z4/Z6, this should do me for quite a while in terms of being both a bedroom setup and being able to set it up at mates gigs when needed.

    Traktor Z2
    2x Traktor D2s
    2x Traktor F1s (both currently mounted inside the case on Traktor Kontrol Stands)
    Titan AV DJ Coffin

    Also have a portable setup of a Traktor X1 Mk2, Audio 2 DJ and laptop stand for situations where I just want to plug into someone else's mixer and do simple A-B mixing without the use of remix/step sequencer decks.
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    Nice. Trying to convince a friend to get some D2s to go with his Z2 and TTs. Suggested the Xone:K1 as an alternative that's cheaper.
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