MacBook Pro 2016 USB C question
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    Default MacBook Pro 2016 USB C question


    firstly, as my first post, hello everyone .

    Ok, here is my dilemma.

    Currently I'm using a MacBook Pro 2011 and run the following set up, using Traktor, via USB & HID

    CDJ 2000 Nexus x 2
    DJM 900
    Traktor X1
    Maschine Mkii

    Connection wise everything is powered by a USB hub in 1 USB port and the DJM which is connected via USB no2.

    No problems currently,


    I have decided after 5 years to upgrade my laptop to one of the new 13 " Touchbar 2016 pros.

    This has now caused some problems

    When you have a power supply connected, this leaves one port free, meaning the whole set up would have to run through the powered USB hub, not too sure how keen I am about that as I fear the mixer may cut out etc...

    So this now leads me onto my main question I guess;

    With the ever increasing market of USB C adaptors and hubs, how reliable are they to connect either the "current" HUB or DJM via USB to? They take the USB C port, convert it to a USB C power input and add (say 4) USB connections.

    I would like to connect the DJM via it's own USB C port on the MacBook so if the hub goes down, the music keeps going, catch my drift?

    It doesn't arrive until December 29th and I'm trying to get everything in place ready to roll

    Thanks in advance


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    potentially in the future its the usb hub powering your mac book, not the mac book needing a power adapter. see juiced system mac book usb-c hub. as for your question, more reliable than they have ever been. maybe something like elektrons overhub would ease your mind.

    also as my first post, hi.

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    FYI - The 2016 Touchbar Macbook Pros have 4 USB-C ports, leaving 3 ports open when connecting to power.

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    Just got one. You don't have to worry: you can get USB hubs that you can plug the laptop charger into, and it'll charge the laptop while you use the ports in the hub.

    HooToo do a nice one with HDMI, 3 ports and a card reader, but annoyingly the logo on it glows, but that is easily fixed by stickers/gaffer tape. My other half has one and it seems to work ok so I am ordering it too, but its early days yet so there will likely be more ones coming out soon which might be better.

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    Take a look at my post over on the NI forum, there are some links to USB hubs with power delivery and USB-C to USB-B cables (for your direct connect to mixer).
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