Vestax Controller One Style with Traktor
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    Default Vestax Controller One Style with Traktor

    Is what i am talkin about (there are alot of videos with this controller on youtube) It focuses mainly around the pitch bending buttons that knocks the pitch to the next key for a whole octave plus 1 more key i think (8 keys total).

    Just figured i would bring this up because you can do some cool techniques with it. Only thing i see is a problem is i dont think it would be efficient to run this type of set up on our VCI-100s just because thats 8 buttons that we could really use. Im thinkin i might go back to my Oxygen and set it up that way.
    Here comes the next problem, is it possible to tell traktor to only go up 1 or 2 semitones from a set position? Could this be archived with a program like miditranslatior?

    (btw ill be back posting semi regularly again, just got settled in at college)

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    Ive seen this turntable and given this whole idea some thought in the past actually.

    Theres a couple ways you could go about it, you could use relative messages to adjust the pitch fader up and down by 1.5 intervals(a semitone)
    you could use midi messages to do something similar to the key knob.

    Its a bit tricky to pull off but it is very much possible and you will need Bomes to pull it off. Using your oxygen isn't a bad option for doing this.

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