Reinstalling Macbook Pro. How do I make sure my Traktor library will stay intact.
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    Default Reinstalling Macbook Pro. How do I make sure my Traktor library will stay intact.

    Hey guys, so I am trying to do a fresh setup on my macbook pro. Everything is backed up / imaged as it is right now but my reason for fresh start on this lappy is increased speed.

    How do I move my traktor library so that i can bring it back when i reinstall mac and tractor upgrade, all my cues and stuff come back as is?


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    If you have everything located in the one folder just back up that folder and do a reinstall, I did this myself just yesterday as my mac was getting a little slow with all the crap I had on it. What you want to look for is a .QML file in the folder you store your music in. This is what stores all your grids and cues. If you want to be sure you have that QML file go into traktor set up a playlist with all your music, right click the playlist, select export and make sure its as a QML, select your storage device and let the magic happen. Now you should have all your tracks and a .QML file on your desired storage device. Once you have reinstalled just copy the files/folder back over to where ever you want to store it

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    Look under Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor --> here you should find 'collection' and 'Traktor Settings' files which are holding all information.

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