Beatport destktop us changing artist name
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    Default Beatport destktop us changing artist name

    1. I gather all the new MP3s I want to add to the collection.
    2. Put them in a folder with todays date.
    3. Open Traktor
    4. Imports the tracks to Traktor.
    5, I manually change the "Featuring" and "&" to "," like "Nevada Featuring Fetty Wap & Mark Morrison" to "Nevada, Fetty Wap, Mark Morrison". This is good for Traktor and shorter.
    6. Open Beatport Pro
    7. Imports the tracks to Beatport Pro.
    8. Beatport Pro changes the artist example above to "Fetty Wap, Mark Morrison, Nevada" per auto. Alphabetical. That is not correct because in my head "Nevada" is the real artist, not "Fetty Wap", but now it's last in the Artist field.

    Why? Why? Why does the software do such a terrible thing? Can't I make it stop??? I have to rename again and again and that's a real PITA!

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    Im not at my mac to check but is there nothing in the beatport prefernces that prevents this? have you tried running your library from beatport pro as opposed to inside traktor? you can export it as an iTunes library that traktor will recognise so you can run your entire music collection and playlists sync'd from the one folder. Im not entirely sure if this would negate your problem tho

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