Traktor mapping - 2 button presses per toggle state (APC40)
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    Default Traktor mapping - 2 button presses per toggle state (APC40)

    Hey djtt crew I got a twister and apc40 I'm mapping and can't seem to get buttons to work appropriately.
    I have a twister being efx unit 1 and 2 knobs 1-4 as well as efx unit buttons 1-4. I also have the apc40 doing effect slot on per channel. Or even load deck a/b buttons. . .
    Regardless if invert/toggle/direct/ modes enabled.
    Whenever I engage any of these buttons it takes 2 presses for them to have an effect. I even tried mapping directly instead of toggle for the mixer efx units and my off button would take 1 button press but randomly would require 2 presses while the on button still required 2 presses.

    Anyone have any idea what's wrong here?
    The controllers itself is functional as I primarily produce in ableton.

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    It could be that your hardware buttons are set to 'toggle' so with first press the controller is sending out "Note ON" and with another press "Note OFF" message. Try changing buttons behavior to 'hold/gate' in the Utility/editor.

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    Yup, that's most likely the case and if its the original you can find out how each button behaves in the different modes on page 6 onwards of this doc, same document for the MK2 is available here.

    There are no editors for Akai controllers so you need to work around what you got.

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