I downloaded both Ganz Graf Mod X and Fabrizio Poce's V-Module for Ableton/Max, since I am looking to add reactive video to my live performances.

For Ganz, you're supposed to be able to just drop it on any audio track or the master and it'll immediately start generating visuals, except that I get a blank output screen and an error in the Max window stating "jit.gl.mesh doesn't understand 'signal'". I'm unsure what to do to resolve this, I have no working knowledge of Max for Live.

I successfully installed V-Module, but the various devices are scattered across different device classes (video inputs, video processors, video outputs) but the manual is a bit unclear about how to combine the devices to create a reactive video system. The "video mixer" is supposed to be heart of everything, but beyond that there is no clear explanation of what to use as an input that reacts organically to the music I'm playing. If I could get Ganz to work I might be able to use that as the input, but I need to get it working first.