Thoughts on Rekordbox key detection
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    Default Thoughts on Rekordbox key detection

    Hi all,

    I've just started using Rekordbox so am doing a bulk import of music. Some of my tracks don't have key metadata included so I've used the inbuilt key detection - so far so good.

    However, I ran a quick test with a few tracks that did have the metadata and have found a couple of instances where the Rekordbox analysis differs from the tag (difference between major and minor keys). Has anyone else experienced this as I'm now wondering how much I can rely on the key analysis?

    Another slight annoyance is the key notation is slightly different to the tags (e.g. Bmin vs Bm) which is a pain when filtering or ordering tracks by key. If I can be confident of the key analysis then I might re-analyse all of the tracks in the software to get over this, however this would be a real pain to undo if I subsequently discover problems.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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    I use the best (as reviewed from multiple sources) - Mixed in Key.

    It's worth paying the bit for the license to know you're getting the most accurate representation software can provide. Not even worth bothering with the Rekordbox key detection.

    I figure if I'm paying enough for music and spending enough time with it - the software that is specifically is designed for this purpose is the best to use.

    - I do realize this isn't the perfect answer you were looking for, but it makes the entire point moot of the post by using different software -
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    It's roughly as good as Serato's, meaning it's better than Traktor's own but not as good as MIK. As a general rule you want to have consistency on what you are using to analyze since one Rekordbox might assign a different key to a track compared to your legacy analysis, meaning that if RB is making a mistake that will carry across and be consistent so the track recommendations based on key should be better than if you have a collection analyzed by a bunch of different programs.

    Like Lance said, Mixed In Key is still the best option and it's worth the money. The only drawback is that it requires an internet connection to analyze stuff.

    At the end of the day Key info is a guide more than a hard rule since you can mix in stuff when no melodic elements are present and you'll still need to trust your ears so you can identify if the next track is indeed a proper match, no matter what key analysis is telling you.

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