Monitor routing issues..
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    Default Monitor routing issues..

    recently bought an xone92, do i connect my monitors into the mixer or the soundcard>mixer? no idea how to get this up and running.. i'm using a focusrite 18i20, much help would be greatly appreciated

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    Hi, I am trying to understand how you are trying to setup your gear.

    If you are using your monitors at home to play around with you should be able to connect them to the mix 1 or mix 2 output. If you are using them as booth monitors hook them up to the booth output.

    Now I am guessing you are using the 18i20 as a soundcard for either traktor or ableton. For simplicity I would suggest using lineout channels 3-10 in stereo pairs to the xone92. So if you use just 2 decks try using 3&4 on the 18i20 for deck A and 5&6 for deck B. Basically the focusrite would only be used to output your decks while the booth and master mixes will be handled by the xone92.

    I hope this helps.

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