Some Tips on Choosing the Perfect DJ
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    Default Some Tips on Choosing the Perfect DJ

    Memories are What Count
    Music surrounds the best memories we treasure for any party or event we have ever attended. Think about it... remember your cousin's wedding? I bet you can still picture their first married dance together. What about high school and Jr. High? I'm sure you can think back to a "boat load" of memories that include school dances, events, games that are saturated in music from that time period. That means we should give a lot more credit to our DJ's for making those times special.
    The Search Begins...
    So since you are looking for the right DJ, think about what you want him/her to do. For example, how involved do you expect the DJ to be? Do you want someone that will select play music based on your preferences, or do you want someone that will play only the list of music you handed him/her before the event. How much talking do you want? Should the DJ say something between every few songs, or simply play the music and not stand out in the crowd? These are very important questions you can ask before booking with your party planner or rental company.
    If you are planning a wedding, you may want to consider choosing a DJ that keeps the crowd entertained while the Bride and Groom take pictures, announces the toasts and cutting of the cake. With that in mind, you do not want someone that will take attention away from the newly weds. You should ask your party planner or rental company for someone classy, but fun. Definitely not the same DJ you would hire for a Jr. High or High School dance. For this you would need a wacky personality that will keep the kids entertained with games (bunny hop, electric slide) and a good mixture of fast and slow tunes.
    What's Included?
    Most DJ's have their own equipment including two speakers, CD/Record Player, Microphone, Dance Lights and all the cords needed. However, make sure you ask your party planner before assuming this. If you find a great DJ that does not have his/her own equipment, then check in advance with the venue to make sure all your bases are covered. Most DJ's will charge a flat rate for a minimum amount of time, so be certain to ask what the extra charges will be in the case that your party continues longer than expected.
    He Said, She Said...
    You should always talk to a trusted and well-established company, a friend, or a relative before even beginning your search for a Disc Jockey. The experiences of these sources can give you the most confidence in created a party, event or special occasion your guests will not soon forget.
    Let Us Help You
    DJTECHTOOLS is here to help you answer any questions or concerns you may have about including a DJ in your next event. Remember, we can help you with every aspect of your party. From planning to execution.
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    Idk who Jolly Jumps is but i think you'd get a better reaction if you posted this to Facebook. We are DJs who have mostly experienced everything you just copied and pasted

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    I lost interest, after the 1st couple of sentences!


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    totally not spammy...come on man...
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